New site online

The new site is live:

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New site is coming

it’ll be up soon, even without a lot of content :)

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Rebuilding pc side code in C

I’m rebuilding the entire PC side code from scratch, this time in C. Why? Because I like C. Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

I messed around in javascript for a while, and came up with this neat little game:
connect the pipes
The idea is to connect the pipes (the gray areas) by rotating a section.

When you click start, the blue will spread from the black/blue starting block to all connected sections.

You get 1 point for each section filled this way and you lose 1 for each rotation.

Bonus sections are explained at the bottom.

You can also play larger or smaller versions by appending a 2 digit number to the end of the url:
For example:

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Upgrade for the GUI

There’s now a top-down view and a rudimentary graphing area.

source code on github

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Dr. Killbot’s first test video

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Upgrade from half to full quadruped

Dr. Killbot (working title) is coming along nicely

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Rotational control

I’ve converted most of the position information in the code to vectors. This made it possible to implement rotation in general. This is done by multiplying any position vector with a rotation matrix. Wikipedia has more than enough information on this so I’m not going to go into it.

long story short: I can now rotate the main body without changing the positions of the “feet”

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XY control

It’s been a while since the last post, but work never stops.
Homemade servo-brackets have been made and assembled for 2 legs. And they’ve been attached to each other. Also, the entire PC-side code has been converted to c++.
This video shows the ability to move the mid section (main body) to a position based on (x,y) coordinates.
The calculations needed to obtain the servo angles for this position take a bit of computing power, so they’re done on a PC, using the Gnu Scientific Library.

Continue reading

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breve simulation of a quadrapod

I used the breve simulation environment to create a full 3d simulation of a quadrapod. Simulations in breve are written in python.

This is a very good exercise in creating a walk cycle for the real thing. I will also be using this to develop a more intelligent mode of walking, based on sensor data.

Getting the breveIDE up and running is very easy:
download it from << site appears to be compromised
download the script and open it in breve.
click play, and you’ll see something like this:
videos after the break. Continue reading

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